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About good manners ….in Tg. Mures

This week, at the ADV Mures centre, the main theme of debate was „The behaviour rules and good manners”, starting from the way the young people behave at the meetings with other beneficiaries, then extrapolating to rules of behaving in the society, during the meals, in the means of conveyance,

Family…With Good and bad things!

During the week 4th-8th of July, the young beneficiaries of ADV Mures met in order to talk about family and the relationship between its members. Each one of them tried to explain the family notion, the members of the familyand the relationship between them etc. The hardest things to describe

Going back to inform

During 21st of June and 5th of July 2016, the mobile caravan experts went back to Tg Frumos city in Iasi county, Murgeni and Negresti cities in Vaslui county, places were they held informing sessions for more than 300 young people, about sexual and health education, STDs prevention, alcohol abuse prevention

On Abilities

Today, the 4th of July, at the day care centre of ADV Romania we talked with the young people with disabilities about abilities: what do the abilities represent, how important it is to know our own abilities, to know what we are good at and on what we should work

Support Group at Tg. Mures

During the week June 26th – July 1st 2016, the young women from Materna Centre from Tg. Mures participated to a support group where they talked about the interpersonal conflicts and the techniques for solving them. By debating and confronting their problems in the presence of the specialists, they understood that