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Greater interes for (in)forming

On 24th-26th of May 2016, the experts of the mobile caravan went to Victoria and Tibanesti communes, in Iasi county, and held informing campaigns about Alcohol abuse prevention, Sexual education and STDs prevention, Violence and human trafficking prevention, Profesional orientation.  Almost 300 young people, out of which 55 of rroma ethnicity,

Personal development at ADV Mures

This week, the young people that attend the Youth Club of ADV Mures, but also the young people from CITO Capusul de Campie, participated to a series of activities meant to stimulate creativity and to improve the communication skills. One of the activities was to develop manual skills and creativity,

Preventing the transmission of the sexually transmitted infections (STI)

During the period 9-13 May 2016, the specialists of the Mures centre have organized in the Materna centre information sessions about sexually transmitted infections, with focus on HIV and syphilis, because the statistics indicate an increase of the number of diagnostics of this disease. The girls received information about symptoms,