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About kindness and appreciation

During the week before Easter, the young beneficiaries of ADV Mures met in order to discuss about the Easter holiday, about the attitude we should have during this period and, because there were small verbal conflicts that needed to be settled, each participants identified a quality that he appreciatesat the

Therapy by Playing

This week, some of the beneficiaries of ADV Mures participated to recreational and socializing activities, where they talked about the Easter celebration, customs, favourite food, how each one them contributes to the preparation of the food in their families. The young people made butterflies from textile materials, by combining their

I am preparing for the future

This week, 15 young beneficiaries of ADV Constanta met in order to talk to the specialists of the centre about the possibilities of insertion on the labour market. The discussions mainly regarded the knowledge of Law no. 448/2006, with focus on the right to work of the people with disabilities. The

Expression through art

15th of April, Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, was declared World’s Art Day. The young people passionately fond of artthat wanted to freely and publicly express themselves were invited to participate to this event dedicated to their vocation in the centre of the city. The event included workshops on various fields of

Prospecting the Labour Market

During the week 4-8 April 2016, the young beneficiaries of ADV Mures went to the career fair from Tg. Mures, held in the lobbyof the National Theatre. Even if most of the jobs were addressed to people with a certain qualification in a certain field, we also identified employers that offered

To colour, to cut up? Simple! Or … Not!

For a person with Parkinson disease, keeping the pencil in one’s hand and colouring some images without help can be impossible. This was also the case of A., a young man with disabilities from the Centre of Recovery and Rehabilitation for People with Handicap, Budai. The first time when he

End of campaigns

In March 2016, the mobile caravancame in the 5 communities from Iasi and Vaslui again – Belcesti, Cozmesti, Falciu, Muntenii de Sus andPuiesti. The information sessions requested by the social actors from the communities focussed on the following themes: sexual education and prevention of sexually transmitted infections,prevention ofdomestic violence and

Project finalisation at ADV

Wednesday, on the 6th of April 2016, at 11 o’clock, in the Orion conference room of Unirea Hotel, ADV Romania is organising a press conference for finalising the first part of the project “Partnership for inclusion” – developed by a consortium of 9 institutions:  – Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation

Recreational activities in Mures

This week, the ADV Mures specialists developed an activity with recreational purpose and for reducing the stress at CITO Capusul de Campie. The young people gladly received the proposed games and competitions, which gave them the possibility of valuing themselves by showing abilities and talents, of interacting with the others

The art of asking questions

During the week 28-31 March 2016, the young beneficiaries of ADV Constanta practiced their ability of asking proper questions according to various contexts and to answer promptly, starting from the premise that adequate relations are mainly characterized by efficient communication. The activity represented a challenge for the peoplewho were present, a