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Vaslui and Iasi, partners for inclusion

CONFERENCE… The first part of the project “Partnership for inclusion!” has ended. Until now, 425 young people with ages between 16 and 29 years benefited of psycho-social assistance services through the programs developed by the 7NGO partners. The services consisted of psycho-social support for young people with behaviour disorders, addictions

Progress Step by Step

What seems inconceivable for some people – for one person to learn the letters at 30 years old – is a great victory at the Youth Club – the day care centre of ADV Romania, when working with young people with mental disorders from Budai. Every week we start teaching

Young Mothers running towards the future

During the week 21-25 March 2016, the ADV Mures specialists have developed for the young mothers counselling and professional guidance activities. During the activities, the young girls were supported and encouraged to identify their qualities and to participate to exercises that would help them appreciate themselves. Last, but not the least,

Workshop -Education for Health

Which is our schedule in an ordinary day? Which are the healthy types of behaviour that we should adopt during the day? What about the unhealthy behaviours? How can we improve the quality of our life style?   These are only a part of the questions to which we have tried

What do women want?!

This week, the activities gravitated around the Women’s International Day. Many young people participated to a group meeting, on the subject:“What do women want?”.At the beginning, boys tried to walk into the women’s shoes and made a list with what they believed women wanted, and the young women expressed their

Letter for my mother

This week, the young beneficiaries of ADV Constantahave chosen to dedicatetheir activity to their most loved person, “mom”. Each young man wrote a letter to his mother, through which he tried to communicate what he felt but could not express in words, the reasons for which they appreciated them, the things that

Education for Health

During the period 2-5 March 2016, ”Alaturi de Voi” Romania Foundation is organizing the training course for 25 teachers from the communes of Vaslui county, on the subject “Education for Health”. Thus, our organization wishes to teach the professors to contribute to the education for health and for diminishing the risk

Spring Activities… in Mures

This week we celebrated with a part of the beneficiaries the coming of spring and on this occasion we talked about the significance of the 1st of March trinket and the 8th of March celebration, dedicated to women. Because we wanted the resident girls of the Materna maternal centre -

Positive Discipline – Model for the teachers

„I appreciated the interactivity, the methods used for knowing the participants, the techniques used for validating emotions, the knowledge techniques”, “I learned how to efficiently react when I meet aggressive behaviours in school”, “The received information was captivating” – these are opinions gathered during the period 24-27 February 2016 from