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Training and partnership

During the period November 25th – 28th, ADV Romania organized the last training course at Voronet, Suceava County, of the series of four courses addressed to the social assistants from Iasi and Vaslui, on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” The course had the objective of training the specialists in the social

Courses for the social assistants

”The games were very inspired and were used in the most appropriate moments”, “the learning methods will be useful for me in the future, when I shall put them into practice at my job, but they will also be useful in my family life”, “all these days were extraordinary and

Education for Life in the High Schools of Iasi

During the period November 16th – 20th 2015, the specialists of the mobile caravan organized information campaigns in two high schools from Iasi - „I.C. Stefanescu” Technical College, Iasi and “Mihail Kogalniceanu” High School, Miroslava. The information sessions were part of the project “Partnership for inclusion!” and focused on the

Increasing interest in information

During the period November 9th -13th 2015, the specialists of the mobile caravan held information campaigns in 8 communes of Vaslui County – Botesti, Bunesti-Averesti, Duda, Epureni, Feresti, Solesti, Tanacu and Valeni. The information sessions were part of the project “Partnership for inclusion!” and focussed on the following themes: sexual

Initiation in using the computer

Yesterday, on the 11th of November 2015, 7 young people from the Centre of Recovery and Rehabilitation of the People with Disabilities from Budai started the computer course at ADV Romania, Iasi Centre. Under the guidance of Mrs. Doina Filipescu, the trainer of this course, the youth discovered that the

Life without alcohol – a target of …Social Assistance

”During the presentations, the importance of the social assistant profession was emphasized and we felt valorised and appreciated”, “We appreciate the well-structured program and the way the themes were approached by the trainers: role play, interactive activities, free discussions” and “the trainers were very involved, diplomats, good professionals, with special

Self-knowledge through education

„How do I talk to my mother and father about sex?”, „How come there are people who graduated a faculty and cannot find jobs?” and „How do I find out what profession is best for me?” –  were the main questions to which the experts of the mobile caravan answered, during

Young people interested in the future

“How do I choose the high school?”, “How do I make a decision?”, “How can I find out my interests and qualities?”, “How do I choose my role models?, “How can I protect myself from the sexually transmitted diseases?” –  were the main questions to which the experts of the