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We form practical skills

Wednesday, on the 28th of October 2015, 8 young people of the Centre of Recovery and Rehabilitation of the People with Disabilities - Budai participated to the activity “Haunted Castle” developed at ADV Romania headquarters. Haunted castle was a practical activity through which we challenged the young people to build a

Sex, the teenagers’ curiosity

„Can I become pregnant during the first sexual intercourse?”, „Why does the homosexuality exist? „Is masturbation natural?”, „What is Viagra?”, „What happens if a condom breaks?” – these were the main questions to which the experts of the mobile caravan answered during the campaigns developed in 8 schools of Iasi

Course finalized with applause!

“It was a course developed outside, in a relaxed environment, which permitted us to acquire new information and abilities in a pleasant way”, “It was a course where I found out many new and useful things for life”, “I hope we shall be invited to other courses, too!” and “Thank

Training for the social assistants of Iasi County

During the period October 21st – 24th 2015, ADV Romania is organizing in Voronet, Suceava County, the first series of courses destined to the social assistants/workers of Iasi communes. The course theme is “Education for health”, and the trainers are the specialists of ADV Romania. By developing these training courses, we aim

The correct information, the key to a better future

„How do I choose the high school?“ and „How do I choose my profession?” - these were the main questions to which the mobile caravan answered during the period October 12th – 16th 2015, when they visited 8 schools from Iasi communes – Costuleni, Golaiesti, Holboca, Prisacani, Tutora, Tomesti, Ungheni

Campaign information in the schools from Vaslui

During the period October 5th-9th 2015, the mobile caravans visited 8 schools from Vaslui communes– Banca, Ciocani, Dodesti, Epureni, Falciu, Rosiesti, Viisoara and Vutcani, on the project “Partnership for inclusion!”, and developed information campaigns on: sexual education, prevention of school abandonment, career guidance and prevention of alcohol consumption. The young participants

The mobile caravan in schools

On the project “Partnership for inclusion!”, during the period September 28th – October 2nd 2015, , the mobile caravan organized information campaigns in 8 communities from Iasi and Vaslui counties – Albesti, Cozmesti, Deleni, Dimitrie Cantemir, Gorban, Grozesti, Hoceni and Raducaneni, on the following themes: sexual education, migration and human

Study visits for the teaching staff, at the finish

On the 30th of September 2015, a group of 22 teaching staff from Vaslui county participated to the last study visit organized on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” The teaching staff received information on the programs and projects developed by Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation, Star of Hope Romania Foundation and