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Information sessions together with the authorities

„What is the impact of the contraceptive pills on the human body?”, “How efficient is the HIV treatment?”, “How can I get real data about the companies that recruit people for working abroad?”, “How can we intervene in cases of domestic violence?” – these are only several issues approached by

Education for life in the rural communities

“What are the causes and effects of school abandonment?”, “What are the advantages of education?”, “Where should we look for jobs?”, “How can I find out if the proposed job/company is safe for me?”, “Which are the steps for obtaining the European allowance?” – these are only several of the

The fifth study visit of the Social Assistants

On Wednesday, the 19th of August 2015, took place the fifth study visit of the social assistants/workers from the rural communities from Iasi and Vaslui Counties, on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” The social assistants and people with responsibilities in the social assistance field from the communes of Iasi County participated

Study visits to Iasi and Vaslui

14 social assistants from the communes of Vaslui County participated to the study visit at the NGOs headquarters from Iasi and Negresti – partner organizations on the project “Partnership for inclusion!”. This was a good occasion for finding out information about the projects and activities of the NGOs and also

Specialized Assistance offered in the rural communities

“What does the system of protection mean in cases of victims of domestic violence?”, “How should I provide support to my children?”, “What should I do so that they wouldn’t give up on school?” – these are several of the issues approached by the  participants at the information sessions developed

Support for the Community through Information Campaigns

What should I do when my husband drinks too much alcohol?”, “What should I do if I feel physically and emotionally abused?”, “Why are the HIV infected people so discriminated?”, “What happened when you are bitten in the neck area?”, “Which are the long term effects of taking contraceptive medication,

Social assistants visiting NGOs from Iasi

On the 5th of August 2015, took place the third visit to the NGOs - project partners - paid by the social assistants/workers from 12 rural communities of Iasi county, on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” This study visit provided to the specialists the possibility of connecting the beneficiaries from